Organic Farm

Synergy, dedication and passion.
We are farmers, agronomists and researchers:
together we dream and work
to create an agricultural
healthy and sustainable.

Artisan Preserves

Find out how it tastes different
Of a fruit, vegetable, or vegetable
cultivated and cared for in the way
as simple and genuine as possible.

Organic Farming
  • We are 100% Organic 100% 100%

Inspection Body
Authorized by MIPAAF

EN BIO 006 – Agriculture Italy

Operator checked #12666

Slow Food Presidium - Indispensable
Slow Food Presidium - Indispensable
Farmers Guarding Ancient Seeds

Organic farming
that rewards life, preserves flavors and protects the earth.

I could tell you a thousand stories, I could tell you about the benefits of our products, the antioxidant and anticancer properties they have,

I could tell you about how we bring ancient traditional flavors to the table through ancient seeds. But only one thing can confirm this:

They tell about us:

Our Organic Farming Project for Land Enhancement
and rediscovery of ancient seeds has intrigued and interested major media and news outlets.

Slow Food Presidium - Indispensable

Organic and more: Slow Food Presidia!

In addition to being a certified organic cooperative, we are also part of the slow food presidium.

We like to exaggerate, don’t we! We do it with Gusto.

Discover Slow Food’s Organic and Presidium products:

More Bio-logical Purchases:

We sow

We are custodian farmers

We cultivate ancient seeds from thousands of years ago. We collect the seeds of endangered plants to preserve the flavors of yesteryear.

The flavors of our tradition.

We, custodian farmers, want to be a point of excellence in the area for the conservation, information and dissemination of native genetic material.



We grow

We grow organically

Unlike many farmers, we DO NOT USE herbicides.
Our land is farmed organically, the real thing!

We do not use herbicides, herbicides and synthetic chemicals.

Here is the cultivation method we use:

  • the hands of our farmers
  • crop rotation
  • the natural seaweed fertilizer that does not harm or kill the environment.


Cooking and Potting

from field to table

Our dream is to be able to help everyone discover how different a fruit, vegetable or vegetable grown and cared for as simply and genuinely as possible tastes.

We see fake and misleading advertisements from large food companies all the time that try to pass off products as healthy and wholesome, but they are not.

With our preserves we really want to bring to everyone the good, healthy flavors that remind us of those of our grandmothers’ recipes-just because that’s how we cook them and then jar and sterilize them.

Our ready-made sauces

SOS is our newest product!
A line of ready-made sauces made by
Chef Ciro Del Vecchio.

Our ready-made sauces follow classic Neapolitan recipes using our own km0 products.

Ideal for delicious pasta dishes, meats, bruschetta, pizzas and flatbreads.

Ready in a flash at km0!
The taste of home that follows the Neapolitan tradition.

Ready to Try?
Open the jar and season


Indispensable Ready Sauces - SOS - bridges to the occasion