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We transform our love for the earth into healthy food
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We grow Ancient Seeds

We are Guardian Farmers and we are entrusted with very ancient seeds that we cultivate to rediscover the ancient flavors of our tradition.

Organic Farming

We grow
100% Organic

Slow Food Presidium - Indispensable

We are Manufacturers
Slow Food

Organic Farming

Let’s safeguard Biodiversity

  • We are 100% Organic 100% 100%

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Farmers Guarding Ancient Seeds


organic farming that saves biodiversity.

Felice is our agronomist.

He, together with our farmers, takes care of the land with his hands and knows every corner of our fields.

Grow ancient seeds from thousands of years ago.

The “Indispensable” line collects the seeds of endangered plants to preserve the flavors of the past and ensure that they are never lost.

It’s about the flavors of our tradition that tell the knowledge of the past.


Fresh vegetables grown by hand to care for the land

Work yourself

A jar of knowledge and flavours.

The manufacturing stage of our products is very important.

When the products arrive in our craft workshop they are carefully washed several times, cut and meticulously placed in the appropriate jars.

These are then sterilized.

The process takes place in completely handmade.

This is how we give life to our preserves.

Indispensable at the table

from field to table

Our goal is to get you discovered how different is the taste of a product grown in a simple and genuine way.

With our preserves we want to bring good and healthy flavors to your table.

Flavors that recall those of grandmother’s recipes from a distant Sunday for lunch when everything tasted good.

Slow Food Presidium - Indispensable
Slow Food Presidium - Indispensable
Farmers Guarding Ancient Seeds

Organic farming
that rewards life, preserves flavors and protects the earth.

I could tell you a thousand stories, I could tell you about the benefits of our products, the antioxidant and anticancer properties they have,

I could tell you about how we bring ancient traditional flavors to the table through ancient seeds. But only one thing can confirm this:

Our ready-made sauces

SOS is our newest product!
A line of ready-made sauces made by
Chef Ciro Del Vecchio.

Our ready-made sauces follow classic Neapolitan recipes using our own km0 products.

Ideal for delicious pasta dishes, meats, bruschetta, pizzas and flatbreads.

Ready in a flash at km0!
The taste of home that follows the Neapolitan tradition.

Ready to Try?
Open the jar and season


Indispensable Ready Sauces - SOS - bridges to the occasion

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