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Nolan Excellence Cooperative
was born on the slopes of Vesuvius, an area belonging to ancient Campania Felix. We are an Agricultural Cooperative, registered as a custodian farmer, growing unique and extraordinary products that we have brought back to life through the rediscovery of ancient seeds.

Peasant traditions

The choice of plant species is oriented toward different native varieties for organic production, which rediscovers ancient flavors. We follow all stages of production, from planting to harvesting to bring to your tables a genuine product guaranteed by natural agriculture that respects soil fertility and plant health. Through our farming culture linked to traditions, field work, life cycles, and ancient knowledge, you can find many varieties of native species here:
Broccolo dell’olio, Torzella Riccia, Papaccelle Napoletane, Zucchine San Pasquale, Melanzane Cime di Viola, Melanzana Tonda di Scafati, Eggplant in Grappolo, Zucca lunga Napoletana, Antichi Pomodori di Napoli, Pomodorini Già Giù, Datterino Caramella.


Crop rotation


Cultivation at km0


100% natural fertilizer


100% Organic

Roots are important to us!

In our artisan workshop all materials are first washed, selected and processed by hand and then packaged in their natural season. The techniques are artisanal but there is a process standard that ensures safety. inDISPENSABLE is the line dedicated to vegetables and greens derived from ancient seeds, those varieties that are more complex to follow and care for in the fields and, because of this, have been lost. In oil, pickles, sweet and sour preserves, but also genuine jams and ready-made sauces. All potted at km 0.

City farmhouse indoor hall

They tell about us

Our Organic Farming Project for Land Enhancement
and rediscovery of ancient seeds was narrated by:

Passata Antico Pomodoro di Napoli - indispensable
geo & geo tells of nolan excellence for indispensable line
Tomatoes already down indispensable excellence nolane
Kiros Tomatoes Indispensable Excellence Nolane

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Our staff

Those who make this great project possible

The Points of Our Company

Katia – President

John – Admnistrator

Felice – our Agronomist

Ciro – our chef


Katia while sowing seeds in the lands of Eccellenze Nolane




scarpariello date candy

Chef Ciro

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